Solar Nails

Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own natural nails.
  • White tips and pink nails bed are made out of the best acrylic product.
  • Solar nails are natural-looking, lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Solar nails does not chip, are long lasting, and also help to strengthen your nails all in a French manicure style.
  • We use a special buffer to buff your new solar nails and they will be shiny and ready for anything.
  • If you like to tan, solar nails are wonderful as they do not turn yellow as some artificial nails do when you visit your favorite tanning salon.

Service Cost: $45.00

Refill Solar nails are long lasting, only need refilled about every 3 weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow. So, they are more convenient and economical than most artificial nails.
  • Pink Refill: Filling in the space between the nail bed and the pink acrylic nail.
  • Pink & White Refil: Sand down both pink and white acrylic and clean nails, then put a fresh new layer of solar nails on top. Making it look good and shiny as new again (Don't have to get it done every refill return).

Service Cost: Pink Refill Only $20.00


Service Cost: Pink & White Refill $35.00