Sea Shell with Glitter Nails

Sea shell with glitter nails are mixture of crushed she shell, glitter, and color acrylic.
  • Tips come in many color with shiny sea shell and glitter.
  • Nails bed can be clear or nature pink.
  • You don't have to worry about chipping color polish and they are long lasting and also help to strengthen your nails.
  • Come with a UV Top Coat, keeping it FOREVER shiny.
  • Apply on just like how pink and white or solar nails is done.

Service Cost: $45.00

Refill are needed to maintain every two weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow.
  • Nails Bed Refill: Filling in the space between the nail bed and the acrylic nail.
  • Color Tips & Nails Bed Refil: Sand down and clean both sea shell color tips and nail bed acrylic, then put a fresh new layer on top. Making it look good and shiny as new again (Don't have to get it done every refill return).

Service Cost: Pink Refill Only $20.00


Service Cost: Pink & White Refill $35.00