Pink & White Nails

Pink & white nails are known as French manicure , white tips and pink nails bed are make from acrylic.
  • Always looking french manicure.
  • Don't have to worry about polish chipping.
  • Strong and long lasting nails.
  • The pink shade gives it more of a natural look, just like real nails.
  • The white make it stand out and brilliant-looking.

Service Cost: $40.00

  • Include:
    UV Top Coat give it an extra FOREVER shiny look.

Refill are needed to maintain every two weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow.

  • Pink Refill: Filling in the space between the nail bed and the pink acrylic nail.
  • Pink & White Refil: Sand down both pink and white acrylic and clean nails, then put a fresh new layer of pink and white acrylic on top. Making it look good as new again (Don't have to get it done every refill return).

Service Cost: Pink Refill Only $20.00


Service Cost: Pink & White Refill $30.00