Gel & Silwrap Nails

Gel nails are natural-looking fake nails that have a clear and glossy surface.
  • The gel nails are similar to acrylic nails, but lighter, more comfortable, and lasts longer.
  • Gel nails have a shiny top coat that keep it FOREVER shine, cured under a UV light.
Service Cost: $30.00

Silwrap nails are pieces of silk that have been cut to a desired shape and glued to the nail plate.
  • This adds strength and length to the nail.
  • Applied on top of natural nails, wraps are most commonly used to strengthen tips.
  • Silk is the most natural-looking wrap and provides a lot of flexibility.
Service Cost: $35.00 (Discontinued)

Refill are needed to maintain every two weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow.
  • Filling in the space between the nail bed and the gel/silk nail, making it looks good as new again.
Service Cost: $20.00